What is Search Firm Japan?

Search Firm Japan Corp. was founded in 2003. We are a Japanese headhunting company that boasts the No. 1 track record in the Japanese executive search sector.

We have a 90% success rate for recruitment, and a high employee retention rate, introducing talented personnel through executive searches, centered around Japanese companies, that place importance on the Japanese spirit and Japanese culture.

Message from Our Representative


Our company's headhunters do not just match people by specifications and careers. We stress the objective our corporate clients are aiming for, their culture, and the company's unique flavor, when we put forward candidates.

We read a company's unique flavor from the appearance of the president and executives, behaviors, the company buildings and furnishings, and judge whether there will be a match with the candidates we are to introduce.

We introduce candidates based on the premise that both our clients and the candidates enter into a win-win situation.

Follow-ups after people have entered a company are important to us, and continuing to maintain good relationships is one of the reasons why we have kept our 90% success rate for employment and high employee retention rate.

Representative Director and President
Misao Yoshinaga

Search Firm Japan: Our Three Strengths

An Extensive Network Across Industry, Academia and Government
With 600 regular employees in Japan and overseas

When we receive a request from a client corporation, after concealing the name of the client, we gather talented personnel and industry information relating to the case.

If we have a case overseas, we use our network of partners and employees living overseas, making it possible to gather local information.

A Preeminent Organization of Headhunters Working Behind the Scenes
Headhunters from all kinds of industries

The know-how we have accumulated up until now and the headhunters we have gathered from various different industries make it possible to amass information on each industry, and introduce talented personnel for management and middle management.

Many registered employment agencies have a style based on division of labor, but in our firm one headhunter handles everything from start to end, from sales to the introduction of talented personnel, meaning that many people from other industries, who are not well-acquainted with the human resources industry, also play active roles.

A Unique Search System and Know-how
An accumulated database

Our headhunters meet with around 100 people each month, including people from companies and candidates.
Information from each headhunter is gathered together and collected as a database, allowing us to understand the flow of society as a whole and changes in businesses.

We make appropriate use of this information, and after prioritizing and understanding our clients' needs, we link them to the optimum talents we have identified.