Executive Search (Headhunting) Target Areas

Our Target Areas for Identifying Talent

There are currently 64.33 million people in employment in Japan (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Statistics Bureau Labor Force Survey, March 2017). Of these people, it is estimated that around 4.41 million people are registered on career change websites, etc., and make up the overt market of job seekers (the area targeted by registered employment agencies) (From the 2015 Business Report on Employment Placement Business, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare).

When it comes to the areas targeted by our company to identify talent, we look at appropriate talented personnel from the potential market who intend to seek jobs, and these people are not found in the overt market of job seekers.

What is the Potential Market?

The general means of recruitment include job advertisements in newspapers and magazines, registered employment agencies, and recruiting for yourself (including public adverts on your website).
However, due to social positions, the fetters of a society with a master-apprentice system, the rarity of talented people in special technology and cutting-edge fields, and the psychology of talented people active in small business communities or areas, there are not many cases where these means of recruitment make the desire to seek out a job more overt.
At Search Firm Japan, we specialize in identifying quality talent that is not apparent in this kind of overt job seeking market.